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MCC ZJ90D motor control system

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    Project introduction JOTON for Marine drilling equipment to provide electrical one of the most complete system, nanpu project is the second time for four meriton cnooc engineering project to provide supporting system. The whole project SCR

Project introduction
JOTON for Marine' target='_blank'>drilling equipment to provide electrical one of the most complete system, nanpu project is the second time for four meriton cnooc engineering project to provide supporting system.The whole project SCR drive cabinet, MCC cabinet, PLC cabinet with a total of 41 sets.
A, project characteristics
1. The control system has perfect self diagnosis and alarm function, can help the operator to quickly determine system failure or incorrect operation caused by the error;
2. The system has strong anti-interference ability, give full consideration to the offshore platform of all kinds of bad working conditions;
3. Without speed adjustment system implementation, has the strong ability of overload and can satisfy the requirement of low speed under special working conditions;
4. The system designed and manufactured strictly abide by the CCS rules, API standards and other related standards, and through the test of CCS;
5. System layout is reasonable, the operation is simple, reliable, and convenient maintenance;
6. Meet and conform to the requirements of HSE.  
Second, the system composition
1. NB35-2 DSM electrical control room equipment
(1) the winch, the rotary table drive system (SCR)
(2) motor control center (MCC)
(3) the emergency operation system
2. NB35-2 DES electric control room equipment
(1) mud pump drive system (SCR)
(2) motor control center (MCC)
3. NB35 rig equipment - 2 division
(1) department of rig
(2) the pedal switch
4. NB35 rig equipment - 2 division
(1) pump station
Three, the system function
1. The winch can realize stepless speed change at work, has the good startup performance.
2. The rotary table can realize stepless speed regulation, can reverse, the torque limit function.
3. Power supply total power can reach the limit load limit load function.
4. The main circuit breaker have the functions of undervoltage tripping.
5. To be able to secure rapid implementation of the normal power supply and emergency power supply switch
6. Department of rig adopts positive pressure pneumatic explosion-proof stainless steel structure
7. A failure in the PLC system can continue to work with emergency operation methods.
System detailed scheme
A, generator control system
1. Adopt schneider intelligent main circuit breaker
2. 2301 WOODWARD electronic governor
3. SLT100 type voltage regulator
4. The digital electric monitoring instrument
5. Manual quasi-synchronizing parallel
6. The active and reactive power automatic equilibrium
7. Has under voltage, over voltage, frequency, frequency, power, reverse power, grounding and short circuit protection function
8. With remote control and protection functions.
Second, the electric drive control system
1. Large capacity, modular power unit
2. Using Siemens full digital speed controller
3. Can be achieved through a system bus network communication
4. The winch motor with functions of braking energy
5. Double synchronous motor and anti-skid protection function
6. With a loss of pressure, over current, short circuit, the protection function such as the wind
7. "a second" can switch control mode
Three, integrated logic and network monitoring system
1. The drilling machine control system with Siemens PLC as the control core of high performance, and through the field bus control technology (profibus-dp) constitute a system network, realize remote rig, drive, intelligent MCC cabinet, HMI devices such as high-speed communications, upper monitor real-time monitor the running status of each system and provides the system fault diagnosis.
2. The control system composed of S7-300 (CPU315-2 dp), ET200M, 6 ra70, upper monitoring system is a touch screen
3. Network self-diagnosis function, from the standing loss of non-stop.
Four, power supply system
1. The driver GuiZhu bus power: 600 v, 50 hz MCC GuiZhu bus power supply: 400 v, 50 hz
2. The power system can be divided into two road of normal power supply and emergency power supply, automatic cutting, and is equipped with interlocking, PLC cabinet by UPS power supply.
3. The power supply system is equipped with soft start function for large load.
Five, the MCC (motor control center)
1. The modular technology, flexible, economic and reliable.
2. The upper horizontal bus unified arrangement in the cabinet put oneself in another's position, and the device isolation room separate, convenient connection between cabinet put oneself in another's position, busbar current rating to 7400 a.
3. The circuit breaker technology into the line of cabinet, compact structure, safe and reliable.
4. Can progress into the line line or next in line.
5. Switch cabinet can be installed in a single, also can be installed back-to-back
6. The cabinet room line using the stuffing box
Six, rig
1. The rig are driven each unit start-stop control unit, is equipped with electric alarm system, status indication, current instructions
2. The foot switch is used to hoist speed up and improve drilling efficiency.

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