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XJ350 Workover Rig

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    XJ350 Description XJ350 Workover Rig (Overhaul) XJ350 Workover Rig (Servicing) Workover Depth 3,200m (10,500ft, 2-7/8DP) 2,500m (8,200ft, 3-1/2DP) Servicing Depth 4,000m (13,120ft, 2-7/8EUE Tubing) Rated Hook Load 600kN (134,900 lbf) Max.

XJ350 Workover' target='_blank'>Rig (Overhaul)
XJ350 Workover Rig (Servicing)
Workover Depth
3,200m (10,500ft, 2-7/8″DP)
2,500m (8,200ft, 3-1/2″DP)
Servicing Depth
4,000m (13,120ft, 2-7/8″EUE Tubing)
Rated Hook Load
600kN (134,900 lbf)
Max. Hook Load
900kN (202,330 lbf)
Traveling System
3×4 {Φ26mm (1'') Wireline}
Hook Hoisting Speed
0.25~1.4m/s (0.82~4.6ft/s)
Overall Dimensions
60.7ft×9.5ft×13.8 ft
Total Weight
51,000kg (112,440 lb)
49,500kg (109,130 lb)
Max.Travel Speed
45km/h (28mil/h)
Self-propeller 10×8
Engine Model and
Rated Power
Caterpillar C9    
260kW (350hp)/2100rpm
Detroit S6063
298kW (400hp)/2100rpm
Allison 4700 OFS
Allison M5610s
Derrick Height
31.7m (104ft)
Max. Static Load
900kN (202,330 lbf)
Racking Board Capacity
4,000m (13,120 ft, 2-7/8″EUE Tubing)
Racking board Height
16.8m (55 ft)
Drawwork Rated Power
224kW (300hp, Double drum)
238kW (320hp)
Main Drum
Φ406×890mm (Φ16″×35'')
Φ429×965mm (Φ16.9″×38'')
Max. Faster Line Pull
180kN (40,470 lbf )
Sanding Drum
Φ965×264mm (Φ38″×10.4'')
Air Assist Brake System
KOBELT Disc4-7-35″
Caliper 5026-CM
KOBELT Disc4-7-48″
Caliper 5026-CM
Drill Floor (l×w×h)
4.2×4.2×3.7m (13.8×13.8×12.1 ft)
Swivel Model and Max. Load
900kN (202,330 lbf)
ZP125 Rotary Table
Max. Load 900 kN (202, 330 lbf)
Max. Open Dia. 292mm (11.5”)

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