The oil rig electric drive control system

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    Functional features 1. The system configuration , full digital format, generating set control system and drive control system integration design, general modular structure of software and hardware, adaptable function configuration, advance

Functional features
1. The system configuration
, full digital format, generating set control system and drive control system integration design, general modular structure of software and hardware, adaptable function configuration, advanced and flexible driller console, safe and reliable network monitoring and display process
, system fault comprehensive diagnosis, land, sea, desert rig's unique technological measures,' target='_blank'>SCR drive and VFDS drive mode select, economical and practical price
2. The control object and allocation
Series or separately excited dc motor, hoist dc motor single or dual main from the run independently, independent, single reversing turntable, dc motor positive and reverse operation, and have precise torque control function, mud pump dc motor double main from the run, and antiskid protection function, winch, rotary table and mud pump can switch for each control mode, can choose "one to one" or "a second" control mode, series or separately excited dc motor can be implemented.
Ac frequency conversion motor, hoist ac motor single or double independent owner from positive &negative operation, wheel ac motor positive and reverse run independently, and have precise torque control functions, mud pump motor double main from the run, and has a non-slip protection function, unique winch brake control mode
3. Modern network monitoring, display and diagnosis system
, adopting field bus technology, can collect and display all kinds of operation parameters and the fault signal, industrial computer (IPC) on site monitoring and self-diagnosis function, through the Internet can realize the remote expert diagnosis control, touch screen display and digital instruction operation can be realized conditions.

1. The basic parameters (SY/T5609-1999) :
2. Perform standard
(1) GB/T 3797-3797 "electric control equipment,
2 GB/T7251.8-2005 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment intelligent equipment general technical requirements"
(3) GB/T10233-2005 "low-voltage complete switch equipment and electric control equipment basic test method"
SY/T6283 [4-1997 "petroleum and natural gas drilling guide to health and safety and environmental management system
5] SY/T5609-1999 "electric drilling RIGS models and basic parameters
[6] GB3836.1-2000 "explosive gas environment with electrical equipment - part 1: general requirements"
Once 3836.5 GB - 2004 "explosive gas environment with electrical equipment - part 5: positive pressure shell" P ","
Being in accordance with API RP500 (API) requirements
'levies EN61800-3 preventing electromagnetic interference EMC standards
Electric drive drilling rig power unit control system
Technical parameters
Rated voltage: AC600V or AC690V 3 phase, 3 phase power rating: a single 2500 kva (within), rated frequency, frequency 50 hz or 60 hz, the steady-state accuracy: 1% or less, the frequency response time: 3 S or less voltage steady state accuracy: 1% or less, the voltage response time: 1.5 S or less active load imbalance degree: 5%, or less reactive load imbalance degree: 5% or less
Functional features
Import the main circuit breaker, has three sections of protection function
Draw-out type structure, manual/electric energy storage, electric switch/brake
WOODWARD 2301 a electronic governor (2301 d), WOODWARD 2301 d electronic governor

High precision, fast response speed, good stability, convenient adjustment and full digital power display and protection instrument, real-time monitoring of various parameters of generator set, active power and reactive power automatic equilibrium, to the preset limit fault can be output alarm and control, through the system bus seat on the Internet and communications
• SLT100 - DYTJ voltage regulator (added DESC - 100)
Modular structure, the adjustment extremely simple, strong magnetic output, wide voltage range adjustment, stable and reliable running
Can realize the protection function: under voltage, over voltage and low frequency, frequency, power, reverse power, short circuit protection, earth fault.
Electric drive drilling rig drive control system
Series of dc drive control system adopts Siemens 6 ra70 dc speed regulating device, it is the constant voltage constant frequency ac power through six pulse or 12 pulse rectifier device, into a continuous adjustable dc voltage, and thus drive dc motor to meet for oil drilling rig drawworks, rotary table and mud pump control;Use "one to one" or "a second" control mode.System operation is stable, reliable, safe, and have perfect protection function.
Technical parameters
Rated input voltage: AC600V 50 hz / 60 hz 3 phase, the rated output voltage: DC0 ~ 750 v adjustable, continuous output current: 2300 a (1150 a) "one-on-one" system, short-term maximum current: 2800 a (60 s) (1800 a)
Functional features
Winch/rotary table: "one to one" or "a second" control mode, the mud pump: "a second" control mode, import main circuit breaker, draw-out type structure, manual storage switching, large capacity, modular and air cooled type power unit, cooling effect is good, easy to change., imported all-digital speed controller, the powerful calculation and control function, all parameters can be amended by keyboard, has perfect fault self-diagnosis and self protection function, there are multiple DI/DO, AI/AO port programmable selection, can be achieved through field bus and PLC communication, winch motor can realize energy consumption braking, wheel with soft torque function, mud pump can achieve soft pump operation
The working principle of
, ac input voltage loss of pressure protection, over-current protection, power SCR bridge unit internal short circuit protection, maximum output current limit, dc motor loss of wind protection, double step motor loss, dc bus grounding protection
Ac inverter electric drive control system
Product introduction
Ac frequency conversion electric control system adopts Siemens 6 se71 series frequency conversion device, it is the constant voltage constant frequency ac power into a variable voltage variable frequency converter of variable frequency drive, drive mode respectively in yituo a drive drilling pump (MP), winch (DW), turntable (RT).System operation is stable, reliable, safe, and have perfect protection function.Ac frequency conversion electric control device is suitable for the land, the desert environment, outdoor environment temperature 30 ~ 60 ), ocean drilling platform (drilling rig, workover rig, drilling ship, etc.)
Technical parameters
3 AC rated voltage: 380 v - - 600/3 480/3 AC 500 v AC 660 v to 690 v, rated output voltage: AC 0 ~ 3 power grid voltage, rated frequency: 50 hz / 60 hz (+ / - 6%), the output frequency: 0 ~ 300 hz, the output voltage: 0 ~ 600 v or 0 ~ 600 v AC power factor: 0.93 ~ 0.96, the overload: 1. 136% of the rated current, 60 s duration;2. 160% of the rated current for 30 s
Functional features
, latest 1 GBT technologies, digital microprocessor controller, high-performance vector control system, the speed loop, the optimization function, have the function of automatically at startup, programmable add/deceleration slope function, current and the torque limit function, free module function, winch braking energy alternative auxiliary brake, the hover of drilling tool function, can be achieved through field bus and PLC communication, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, over current, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, motor stalling, stalling protection, earth fault protection, optimizing the current limiting function, custom, logical calculation, the free function modules, such as compound control braking energy function can be realized
Part of the
Grid connection plate, fuse the master switch, network side brought into line reactor, rectifier unit, charging circuit, energy storage capacitor, IGBT inverter, motor connecting plate, electric drive drilling rig automation control and field bus, + BYPass the "normal" control mode, "double PLC" redundant control mode
1. PLC technology parameters
Rated voltage: single-phase voltage: AC220V DC24V CPU: 32-bit fixed and floating point, 4 MB
Digital channel: the largest 1024/1024 analog channel: the biggest / 256/256
I / 0 address area: all: 1024/1024 (free addressing)
2. PLC technology characteristics, modular structure, strong ability to scale, high speed of order processing
Safe and reliable, convenient user programming software, the network function, intelligent diagnosis system
3. The fieldbus network
, department of rig and the driller's touch screen, PLC system, SCR or VFO electric drive system, winch brake control system, traveling block position closed loop control system, automatic drilling control system, generator set control system, MCC, motor control center IPC industrial computer
4. The system function
System operation state, real-time display, record and print various parameters in the system and fault, friendly man-machine interface
, real-time online monitoring function, convenient search help and instruction function, fault diagnosis and processing functions
Electric drive drilling rig automatic drilling control system
1. Automatically send drill, the control mode of small ac frequency conversion motor, drilling, hydraulic disc brake off drill or give drill, Eaton brake winch motor directly drill (VFO) small ac frequency conversion motor to drill

2. The technical parameters
45 kw power rating: rated voltage: 380 v AC, 3 phase, rated frequency: 50 hz or 60 hz output frequency: 0 ~ 200 hz output voltage: 0 ~ 380 v, AC, drill precision: 500 kg or less

3. The technical features, which can realize constant drilling pressure or constant drill SuSong drill, drill pressure or drilling speed can be adjusted at any human intervention, which can realize manual and automatic switching control, can drill through the system bus to realize communication network and the upper machine

Technical parameters
Rated voltage: AC220V single-phase control voltage rating: DC24V DC10V, minimum work positive pressure value: 1.01 x 105 pa, the most-positive work pressure value: 1.5 x 105 pa, purging time: not less than 10 minutes
Functional features
, power limit dial indicator, rotary torque (current) table, generator control cabinet status indicator light, SCR or VFO cabinet status indicator, power restriction indicator, pressure alarm device, operation assignment switches, lost drive system speed given the handwheel, rating system emergency cut off switch, state of normal/emergency switch, switch automatically send drill into/removal, traveling block position closed-loop control input/remove switch
, calibration, testing and fault reset switch, pump local control lock switch
Distribution and MCC motor control center
The power distribution transformer
1, transformer technical parameters
Rated capacity: 4000-5000 kva, 4000 kva or input voltage: AC, 6300 v or 600 v, 3 phase output voltage: AC 600 v or 480 v (60 hz) or 400 v (50 hz) 3 phase, connection mode: train/Y, Marine dry type, epoxy resin casting
2, MCC control center
2.1 MCC cabinet technical parameters
The input voltage: AC480V (60 hz), and three phase 400 v (50 hz)
• breaking capacity: 42 ka
2.2 MCC cabinet technical characteristics
, new GCS draw-out type structure, unit in any combination, with the capacity of the unit are interchangeable, has "HOA" or "3 WRC" control function, high power, soft start function unit can realize order has over current, short circuit protection function
SCR room or VFDS structure characteristics
The cooling system
, adopts the split type industrial air conditioning units, two unit as spare, wide voltage, since the launch of the air duct function, reasonable design, enhance the cooling effect, no dead zone, coagulate frost.
And the characteristic of electric control room
, sled base, is advantageous for the integral lifting and transportation, have fire prevention, sand prevention, shockproof, waterproof, thermal insulation, and other functions
, the room is equipped with emergency lighting, smoke alarm, toxic gas alarm device such as a fire alarm protection, all the foreign qualification adopt connectors, wire plate adopts "Z" type structure, reduce the effect on the cable stress, room corner to open the door, escape lock door installation

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