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9000m CNC variable frequency electric rig at low temperature

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    ZJ90DBS drill is according to SY/T 5609-5609 oil drilling RIGS models and basic parameters, and API standard requirements, and for the 9000 m high altitude operation custom ac frequency conversion nc drilling machine. Performance can meet

ZJ90DBS drill is according to SY/T 5609-5609 oil' target='_blank'>drilling' target='_blank'>RIGS models and basic parameters, and API standard requirements, and for the 9000 m high altitude operation custom ac frequency conversion nc drilling machine.Performance can meet the environmental temperature 40 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃, humidity of 90% or less (+ 20 ℃), under the condition of deep oil and gas resources in the exploration and development of land drilling requirements.

Drill equipped with crane, derrick, base, traveling block, hook, faucets, winch, the mud pump group, conventional equipment such as heat preservation system outside, also can configure the world within the scope of all kinds of advanced equipment, such as top drive, the iron roughneck, power cat way, and various drilling monitoring equipment.

ZJ90DBS rig adopts the mechanical and electrical integration of digital design, main function realization of digital control, automation and intelligence, information function has initially.Rig structure design of each part adopts the mature at home and abroad advanced technology, reliable work, convenient migration, economic operation, meet the requirements of HSE.

Drawworks, rotary table and mud pump are independent of ac frequency conversion electric drive systems, each other, can better meet the requirements of drilling technology.

Derrick is K type structure, meet the requirements of supporting the top drive installation;Base to spin up structure, use with derrick winch power by wearing rope hoisting in place at a time.Main equipment and rig driller adopts low installation control room, etc.

Winch for single shaft hoist, by two sets of variable frequency motor respectively through a reducer drive roller;The main components of the removable as separate modules to transport;Main brake is floating type hydraulic disc brake, safe and reliable.All operation parameters of the winch, including tripping speed, hook position, all kinds of security Settings, etc. To realize the digital control.

Turntable by cardan shaft independence by an ac frequency conversion motor drive, and is equipped with inertia brake.Control system has perfect monitoring and protection function.

Equipped with 3 1600 HP mud pump, each pump driven by a 1200 kw direct driving motor, high reliability, convenient adjustment displacement.

Power system equipped with 5 1200 kw 292 kw and 1 of main diesel generator auxiliary diesel generator set, power equipped with sufficient reserves, drilling rig of self sustaining ability.

Drill in the drill floor area, solid control and mud pump design has confirmed the greenhouse in the region and can meet the requirements of drilling operation in cold region.

Electricity transmission adopts vector frequency conversion drive system, the main electrical equipment layout in VFDS inside the room.

Supporting integrated driller control room, the driller driller control room to complete the main operation of drilling rig, and realize the real-time display of the parameters (signal), store, print, and management.

At present, the company has dozens of sets of low temperature drilling operation in cold region, for the follow-up research and development of low temperature drilling rig has accumulated a lot of valuable experience.As a new type of 9000 m ultra deep well drilling rig, also will meet the requirements of low temperature block assignment, the class models with strong market competitiveness.

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