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S7-300 315-DP CPU

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    Siemens CPU315-2DP detail With large capacity, the program memory and data structure, if necessary, can be used for the SIMATIC configuration tool Has the high processing ability of binary and floating point arithmetic In a centralized and

Siemens CPU315-2DP detail

With large capacity, the program memory and data structure, if necessary, can be used for the SIMATIC configuration tool

Has the high processing ability of binary and floating point arithmetic

In a centralized and distributed I/O production line as the centralized controller using

PROFIBUS DP master / slave interface

For a large number of I/O expansion

Used to build distributed I/O structure

In the PROFIBUS to achieve synchronous mode etc.

CPU need to run the SIMATIC micro memory card (MMC)

Siemens CPU315-2DP description

CPU 315-2 DP is a large and medium-sized program memory and PROFIBUS DP master / slave interface CPU. In addition to the centralized I/O structure, it can also be

For distributed automation structure.

It is in the SIMATIC S7-300 is often used as a standard PROFIBUS DP master. The CPU is also used as a distributed intelligent devices (DP from the station).

It has been in accordance with the quantitative framework for optimization, in order to use the SIMATIC engineering tools, such as:

The use of SCL programming

Sequence control programming with S7-GRAPH

In addition, CPU uses software to realize some simple process task provides an ideal platform, for example:

Simple motion control

Use STEP 7 to block or running software "standard solutions / modular PID control" to achieve closed-loop control task

By using the SIMATIC S7-PDIAG can realize the expansion process diagnosis.

Siemens CPU315-2DP overview

CPU 315-2 DP is installed:

The microprocessor;

The processing time for each binary instruction processor is about 50 ns, each time for 0.45 floating-point budget s.

256 KB working memory (equivalent to approximately 85 K instruction);

With high working memory capacity related to the implementation of the program segment can provide sufficient space for the user program. Miniature memory as program memory card (maximum loading

8 MB) will also permit can project (including symbols and notes) stored in CPU. Load memory can also be used for data archiving and recipe management.

Flexible and extensible;

As many as 32 modules, (4 row structure)

MPI multi point interface;

The integrated MPI interface can set up with S7-300/400 or programmable devices, PC, OP 16 connection. In these connections, always is the programming

Device and OP are reserved for a connection. Through the "global data communication", MPI can be used to create a simple network consisting of up to 16 CPU.

PROFIBUS DP interface:

With the PROFIBUS DP master / slave interface CPU 315-2 DP can be used to build distributed automation system of high speed, easy to use. For users, the distributed

The I/O unit can be used as a centralized unit to deal with (the same configuration, addressing and programming).

Full support for PROFIBUS DP V1 standard. It improves the DP V1 standard from the ability of diagnosis and parameter station.

The SIEMENS CPU315-2DP features

Password protection;

The user program using password protection, prevent illegal access.

The diagnostic buffer;

Can store the last 500 errors and interrupt event diagnosis buffer, 100 events can be long-term retention.

Maintenance free data backup;

If power is lost, CPU will all data (maximum 128 KB) automatically written to the SIMATIC micro memory card (MMC card), so that the data can be in power

Pressure recovery again after use, and will not change.

The characteristics of parametric

You can use the STEP on the S7 7 configuration, properties and the response to CPU parameter setting:

MPI multi point interface;

Define the station address

Restart / cycle time characteristics;

The maximum cycle time and load limit, and self detection function

Clock memory;

Set address

Protection grade;

Definition of program and data access

System diagnosis;

Treatment and diagnosis of alarm scope definition

The watchdog interrupt;

Periodic set

The clock interrupt;

Set the start date, start time and the interval period

PROFIBUS DP master / slave interface;

User defined distributed I/O address

Display function and information function

State and fault indication;

LED indicates the hardware, programming, time, I/O, a battery and a bus error and the operation of state (such as RUN (run), STOP (stop) and start).

Test function;

You can use the programmer display signal state during execution of a program, can modify the process variables are not by the user program, as well as the output stack contents.

Information function;

The current use of you can use the programmer YISHION text form to obtain the CPU storage capacity and operating mode, working memory and memory as well as the current cycle loading rate

Related information content of the ring buffer time and diagnosis.

Integrated communication function

PG/OP communication

The global data communication

S7 basic communication

S7 communication (only server)


The block of data routing

The function of the system

CPU has the characteristics of wide system function, such as: diagnosis, parameter assignment, alarm, timing and measurement etc..

Xi'an SIEMENS 300CPU 315-2DP series models

Order No. 6ES7315-2AF01-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-2AF00-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-1AF01-0AB0

Order No. 6ES7315-1AF00-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-6TH13-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-6TG10-0AB0

Order No. 6ES7315-6FF04-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-6FF01-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-2FJ14-0AB0

Order No. 6ES7315-2FH13-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-2FH10-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-2EH14-0AB0

Order No. 6ES7315-2EH13-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-2EG10-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-2AH14-0AB0

Order No. 6ES7315-2AG10-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-2AF83-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-2AF82-0AB0

Order No. 6ES7315-2AF03-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-2AF02-0AB0 order number: 6ES7315-1AF03-0AB0

The order number: 6ES7315-1AF02-0AB0